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You are a designer. An artist.


A creative soul with a big vision, a tight budget and an urgent desire to launch your clothing line. And perhaps even become known as the next up-and-coming designer to watch. But you’re relatively new to the game and there’s a lot you don’t know.


About the ins and outs of the fashion business. About the practical steps of creating, launching, marketing and selling your line. About the foundational elements you must have in place to become a successful designer in demand. And what you don’t know can hold you back, slow you down, cost you money and sabotage the success of your line and your business.


You’ve already got talent, creative inspiration and design know-how.What you need now are the practical steps, resources and business smarts to successfully create, launch, market and sell your line, while establishing a strong foundation for your design business.


And that’s exactly what you’ll get in this 6 week online course, you’ll get the specific steps, expert guidance and insider secrets you need to: 

  • Successfully create, launch and sell your clothing line.
  • Approach and work with pattern and sample makers and manufacturers to quickly take your designs from sketch to samples to sold.
  • Get access to resources and services that can secure the success of your launch and your entire business.
  • Skillfully navigate the complex labyrinth of fashion industry.
  • Become a successful designer with a high quality clothing line.


Whether you’re a new designer working on your first collection or you want to be sure your second collection is perfectly positioned for success, Ready, Set, Launch will give you the nuts and bolts you need to build a strong foundation for your design business, avoid expensive mistakes and wrong turns, create your own from-sketch-to-sold system and become a recognized designer in the industry.


“When I wanted to expand my business and have my product manufactured, I needed to get quick answers from someone with experience. Anna spelled everything out for me so I knew exactly what to do and when to do it. Her resources and expert advice are invaluable. Now have a clear understanding of how the fashion industry works and a concise, detailed timeline to take me through my first season.My favorite part about working with Anna is how quickly I have progressed. I worked with her for one month and she set me up with knowledge and resources that will assist me through the entire life of my business. If you’re on the fence about whether to invest in Anna’s coaching program, I would tell you, just do it already. Once you do, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!”

— Megan Orr | Founder of Over the Moon Apparel

Hi, I’m Anna.


And I’m going to lay it on the line right now.


The information I share in Ready, Set, Launch is information you won’t get from anyone else in the industry.


In fact, most of my colleagues and competitors think I’m absolutely crazy to give you the resources and secrets I’ve acquired through decades of hard work and in-the-trenches experience. As a designer, a buyer, a pattern-sample maker and now as the founder and CEO of V.Mora, my fashion production and consulting company.


But from the second I started V.Mora, I’ve been committed to doing everything I can to ensure the success of designers like you: those who have the passion, drive and talent to create your own clothing line but don’t yet have the right resources, connections, services and know-how to navigate the perplexing twists and turns of the fashion industry and get your line made, launched, shown and sold.


I believe in total transparency, teamwork and an environment of support and encouragement in fashion.


And this is why I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to give you the guidance, resources and information you need to launch your own clothing line and establish your reputation as an up-and-coming designer to watch.


You can try to go it alone. But why? When in 6 short weeks you can have the practical strategies, business savvy and proven steps you need to create, produce and sell a first class clothing line… and establish a rock-solid foundation for your entire design business.​

Class 1: Before Your Sketch

  • The 3 make-or-break principles that position you for success before you start to sketch.

  • How to define your esthetic in order stay focused, cut costs and save time.

  • 5 simple steps to creating a business plan that supports your creative vision and keeps you on track.

  • Legal dos and don’ts that protect you and your line… including how to trademark your brand name.


Mood Board examples, Business Plan Template, Fashion Law Call and Lawyer List


Class 2: Know Your Client

  • How to identify your ideal clients, know what they want, and where to find them.
  • Why you need to be aware your competition.
  • How to identify, approach and align with complementary brands.
  • Social media strategies for connecting with your ideal clients.


Costing Template and Ideal Client Profile examples.


 Class 3: Secure The Right Pattern and Sample Makers

  • How to present yourself to a pattern or sample maker so they immediately want to work with you.

  • A “From Start to Finish” checklist that guarantees your patterns and samples are finished on time and to your specifications.

  • A step-by-step roadmap for starting and finishing your first pattern and your first sample.


Timeline Template, Spec Sheet and Croquis example.


Class 4: Prepare For Production

  • How to present yourself to a pattern or sample maker so they immediately want to work with you.
  • A “From Start to Finish” checklist that guarantees your patterns and samples are finished on time and to your specifications.
  • A step-by-step roadmap for starting and finishing your first pattern and your first sample.


Timeline Template, Spec Sheet and Croquis example.


Class 5: Get Funding

  • How to determine exactly how much money you need to fund your line.
  • Kickstarter for Designers: tips, tricks and strategies for leveraging crowdfunding.
  • Factors: what they are, where to find them and how to work with them.


Costing Template, Budgeting Template, Crowdfunding Tips and Tricks, an Interview with a Factoring Company


Class 6: Go To Market

  • Marketing basics: how to create brand recognition, attract new customers, and get known as a designer.
  • How to create and execute a highly effective, cost-efficient marketing plan.
  • Pick-and-choose strategies to get press, boost your visibility and sell your line.
  • How to leverage trade shows, social media and sales reps.


List of Trade Shows, Social Media Tips, Wholesale Calendar

By delaying or even completely derailing your production.By compromising the quality of your samples.By sabotaging your sales, tainting your reputation, and severely handicapping the success of your entire design business. 


But when you participate in Ready, Set, Launch, you will have the knowledge and step-by-step roadmap you need to quickly and confidently take your clothing line from sketch to success. 


You won’t have to second-guess your decisions because you’ll know what you’re doing, who to work with, and where to get what you need. You’ll know how to estimate your costs correctly, secure funding and make wise spending decisions. 


You’ll know how get your line in front of the right people at the right time to make the sale. And you’ll have the practical steps you need to reach your ultimate destination, realize your creative vision, and become the designer you’ve always wanted to be. I so look forward to supporting you on your journey.​

When it comes to launching your line, what you don't know, can hurt you!

“My daughter, Ashton, had a great idea; sun protective active wear that is polished and stylish. But we had one big problem. We knew nothing about the garment industry. Early on we were fortunate enough to be introduced to Anna and V.Mora. They held our hands and taught us about pattern making, found manufacturers and zippers… and took us from an idea to an actual product.“Today we have a business and they’re advising us on marketing and selling strategy. V Mora worked side by side with us, teaching us why we were doing things in a specific order and why they were necessary. Without Anna and V.Mora we would still be trying to develop our product.”

— Amity Gillespie | Founder of Sunkissed Girl


“From sourcing fabric and picking an appropriate manufacturer to learning how to sell to retailers and initiating social media, Anna was there to make sure I had the tools needed to make the right decision. Granted, I could have haphazardly navigated the launching process on my own, but it would have taken me twice the amount of time and with more expensive mistakes.“My business has grown tremendously since working with Anna and her team, and my confidence in my work and as a business owner has grown as well.”

— Kim Durante FounderDurante Design, LLC


“I refer to Anna as my industry coach, my go-to. She’s truly been a huge value through the entire process…. and she consistently adds knowledge that I never imagined I would have needed. Both Anna and her staff have fostered a tremendous learning experience for me, and now I know I have the tools to create an end product that is successful! This has been an exciting process and I look forward to continuing to work with Anna during my current project and future projects.”

—Tania J.