10 Expensive Mistakes You Want to Avoid as A New Designer

A free webinar with Anna Livermore, founder and CEO of V. Mora.

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Save yourself thousands of dollars, months of production time, and a good chunk of your sanity. Come to this live webinar with Anna Livermore and learn how to avoid (and even correct) the 10 of the most common mistakes new designers make.


Date: Wednesday, April 27th
Time: 1:00pm EST

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About Anna:

As founder and CEO of the fashion consulting firm V.Mora, Anna Livermore has launched the careers of hundreds of designers worldwide by providing them with expertise, trade secrets and start-to-finish services they can’t get from anyone else in the fashion industry. She has become a new voice in fashion by renouncing the traditional “you’re in or you’re out” attitude and promoting an environment of support, team work and total transparency.