Product Description

Are you tired of digging through old, outdated resources for the information you need? Exhausted by how long it takes you to find the contact information you need? Worried that all this searching is getting in the way of your creativity?

When Anna Livermore began her career as a fashion designer, she searched high and low for the information she needed to successfully launch her line. After wasting countless hours searching and coming up empty handed, Anna decided to create these products herself and share them with other fashion designers!

Whether you are looking to simplify your production process or looking for that checklist that will move you to successful production, V.Mora has you covered!

Costing template: Accurately budgeting for each piece you produce is crucial to your success as a designer. With our costing template, we help you determine your wholesale cost by factoring in every element that goes into constructing your garment.


Production Checklist and Purchase Order


This is a checklist and a template to help you prepare for production!

The checklist will be your guide to making sure everything is organized and ready to go the manufacturer.

The Production PO Template will be one of the items you give to the manufacturer to ensure they cut the quantity, size and colors correctly for your produciton run.  This is an Excel document so you can reuse it season after season..