The Cost of Your Collection:

Smart Budgeting for a Successful Launch

a free webinar with Anna Livermore of V.Mora

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How much money do you really need to launch your clothing line?


What hidden costs or unexpected expenses do you need to anticipate so you don’t run out of funds mid-production?


And how can you be sure to have a smart financial plan right from the start so every phase of your launch is executed without a hitch?


Get the answers to these questions and more on March 16th during a free webinar with Anna Livermore, founder and CEO of the fashion consulting firm V. Mora.


During this free webinar, you’ll discover:

  • An easy, “designer friendly” system for determining how much money you need to fund the full production of your clothing line.


  • How to sidestep those surprise expenses that delay or completely derail your launch.


  • A “before you sketch” strategy that sets you up for financial success right from the start.


  • How to lay a strong foundation for both your new collection and the future of your entire design business.


Plus… you’ll discover how to get your own budgeting template so you always know how much you need to spend on what.

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About Anna:

As founder and CEO of the fashion consulting firm V.Mora, Anna Livermore has launched the careers of hundreds of designers worldwide by providing them with expertise, trade secrets and start-to-finish services they can’t get from anyone else in the fashion industry. She has become a new voice in fashion by renouncing the traditional “you’re in or you’re out” attitude and promoting an environment of support, team work and total transparency.