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No matter where you are at in your journey we always engage in a FREE 20 Minute Strategy Session: A valuable 20 minutes that determines if we are a good fit for you!

Do you have an idea for a product but feel unsure about the next steps? Do you need help moving into the next phase of development?

Let V.Mora founder, Anna Livermore guide you through the process of growing your business by providing the one-on-one support and guidance you need to truly succeed!

Anna Livermore has had incredible success building V.Mora from the ground up. She founded V. Mora in 2008 out of a passion for helping new and emerging artists and designers. What started as a one-woman operation in Anna’s Chicago apartment has grown to a fully staffed company with offices in Chicago, New York and San Francisco and clients all over the world.

She has helped launch hundreds of designers and is here to help YOU with the next phase of your process.

Through (3) one-on-one sessions per month, Anna will provide the tools, expertise and encouragement that you need for future success.

As a coaching client, you will have access to Anna’s extensive knowledge base, her contacts and her resources. In addition to your weekly sessions, you will have access to Anna via email.

Launching a product can be an intimidating but you don’t have to do it alone! With Anna’s help, you will have the tools you need to truly succeed in the fashion industry and beyond.

(3) sessions per month

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